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No smalltalk, but practical solutions for your personnel policy tailored to your organisation, that's what POP Consult & Coaching stands for.

POP Consult & Coaching specialises in HR & personnel advice & coaching for organisations on three levels:

- Implementation: via POP On site, we support you on the spot in your company with your personnel policy, payroll and personnel administration, from Recruitment to Sickness.

- Coaching: via POP Coaching, we coach you as a business manager in dealing with your staff and we have an offer to your employees on how to deal with stress, when returning to work after illness and sales coaching.

- training: via POP Academy we offer practical training courses and workshops for new staff members, dealing with stress and (online) job interviews.

POP Consult & Coaching works together with 'POP Certified' HR experts so that your organisation gets the expert you need.



POP on site

Looking for help with your HR policy, payroll and personnel administration at your company?


POP Coaching

Are you looking for practical and solution-focused coaching for yourself as a business manager or for your employees?


POP Academy

Looking for Practical Training HRM & payroll administration?


POP Absence and presence policy

Looking for practical solutions for absenteeism and attendance policy? Disability Case Management? Return to work Coordinator? No small talk, but solutions tailored to your organisation that work?


POP Employee Journey

Looking for a way to map out your personnel policy according to the journey an employee makes in your organisation?

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